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Powerful and gentle

Such a beautiful transmission,I felt held by so much love and gentleness. I am experiencing a more profound sense of inner peace and fullness. I highly recommend this activation.

Feel at home inside!

An amazing experience and made me feel at home and secure inside me.
Thank you for this blessing!

Revitalise Your Angelic Nature

Revitalise your angelic nature

I am feeling much more unstressed and connected since the session. Thank you very much.

Power of Manifestation

I am deeply grateful for this meditation. It has make me conscious of how you can manifest and all the help you have! After done this meditation I have received good news about a project I wanted to manifest, seems to be that it will happened!!!! Also, I trust more my creativeness and my love and light. Thank you Saajz and Zalia.

So grateful to Saajz and the Family of Light for this beautiful offering. It feels so special to let go the old year and to start the new one knowing that you are being divinely supported daily by beings of pure love and light. A great way to start the new year feeling lighter and excited about new beginnings and new possibilities. So grateful xoxo

Tremendous and magical

I was perhaps a little sceptical before but I don’t know how this works, but the period of time that I participated for, I slept better and just felt happier. And it has lasted (sleep not great), but mood still very positive and hopeful. Thank you for your gifts

Thank you all so much for this beautiful blessing. I felt warmly held and supported throughout the whole period. I´ve been on this program for the 3rd year now and recommend it to everybody. Lots of Love

Bless my Christmas and New Year

I’m sorry it’s taken me time to write this review. I can clearly remember the peace and serenity surrounding me while having pneumonia. My coughing stopped and I was able to rest and sleep. I am eternally grateful for this healing 🙏🙏

Bless my Christmas and New Year

Definitely feeling much more centred and calm with a blossoming of heart energy
Thankyou ..

Unexpected gift and blessing

This solstice was also the first days of my illness. I had difficulty eating and was pleasantly surprised to receive a food delivery from a friend. Talk about blessings after clearings. Thank you for the infusion of positivity and light!

Just what I needed to get through 2023

I was going through a hard time in December 2023 and became rather ill. Thanks to the blessings and clearings, I recovered fast enough to meet 2024. My family home was also cleared and this made me relieved. Thank you.

Something was different!

Saw hundreds of birds like never before around my home and then a Coyote..which never happened either! Wow. I truly do like proof, and it was amazing to see it! I can only believe it was angelic intervention happening around here since the timing is spot on.

3 days of joy

Thanks a lot for this great light and energy support. Always a joy and delight to be support so smoothly.

Smooth Christmas

Every year I love this program that gives joy en peace to our all family. Again this year harmony and vibration for a great year end celebrations. Full gratitude for this.

Bless my Christmas and New Year

THANKYOU for this wonderful program that brought peace and joy to my whole family🙏❤️❤️❤️


Really Wonderful Energy to receive 💜💜💜💜

De l’amour

Amour, joie étaient présents. Mon mental vient compliquer.
Tempérance, trêve de mon mental et laisser briller le don qui est en moi sont mes résolutions depuis ce solstice.
Merci 🙏

The Master 33 Solar Rays Activation Was Brilliant

I honestly don't remember much of the program; I had just contracted COVID and was miserable. I had some concerns that the Master 33 Rays Solar Activation on the second day would wipe me out, because I had already done a fair bit of energy work that day and was feeling exhausted. But it did just the opposite.

I don't recall the details, because I fell asleep during the activation, but I woke up feeling energized and refreshed and not at all tired, as if 33 solar rays really had shone into my energy system. I highly recommend this activation, especially if you're feeling depressed, low energy, or generally out of sorts!

Wow 🤩 I always love the amazing Solstice program. The support, dispensations and activations are wonderful. So grateful to Saajz and the teams for this great support during such an important time of the year. Loved the light language. Thank you so much 🙏🏽 Deep gratitude and love to you 💛

Christmas Blessings

Such a wonderful program that always bring joy and peace not just to me but my whole family… THANKYOU 🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️


As always absolutely Awesome Gentle Beautiful thank you 💜💜💜

Activate My Solstice

I’ve recently had some huge event happen in my life. I have been feeling changes and a lot more emotional. I’m certain the session has been beneficial for me.
Thank you so much
Trisha x

Activation de mon solstice!!!

Les activations avec cette magnifique équipe d'anges (terrestres et célestes), sont toujours de beaux cadeaux...
Beaucoup de choses se passent dans mon quotidien ( des fois ,de manière subtile) afin de m'aider à prendre de plus en plus conscience, de mon incarnation, de se qu'il est encore nécessaire de modifier afin d'aller encore mieux ....
Gratitude infinie et douces pensées à Bless My Life💖✨

Peace of mind

Again a great service and support from blessmy life teams. A great audio that brings immediately peace and clarity. Thanks a lot and blessings