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Divine love

It is always with such gratitude that I can receive this beautiful healing. Knowing I am going to receive this as I am sleeping brings much needed peace to my body.
Thank you for all the you give. 🙏💖

Just what I need

I was going through a hard time at work and did not realize the difficulties could also be coming from within. The illumination helped me clear things up so that physically, emotionally and mentally, I am better at coping. Thank you.


This program was so blissful, the energy gently enveloped emotional fields quite exquisite, thank you and many blessings

Flow and open hearted

I had a strong drawing to book the session Divine Love For Your Emotional Body and while listening there where a lot of sensations and a flowing in my pyhsical and my emotional body. And I did a repeat after two days, which was the same.
In my life every day it helped me to find back into a state of open heart, trust und a feeling of flow. With other words to feel at the right place at the right time and feel love and trust and thankfullness.

Nothing noticeable.

I don't feel any difference but do appreciate every opportunity to try to feel better.

Divine love

I feel so light and loved in my entire body. This was a beautiful blessing that I received.

Peaceful and powerful

Early each morning I felt held in a beautiful cocoon of warmth and love. Much seemed to be unfolding and shifting at this time and I felt incredibly supported to either acknowledge or surrender deeply into this. Thank you.

Love and clarity

thanks for this amazing program and support. I felt fully guided and lifted during the whole support and still feels it. Full gratitude.

Softening presence

A softening….A feathery duvet enveloping sensation whilst going through the equinox movements . Thank you so much ..

Equinox Higher Self activation

My experiences during the Equinox Higher Self Activation have been profound. During and since this activation took place, I have experienced a heightened feeling of 'presence' and a greater connection to and perception of my environment in general.
More specifically, a feeling of deep grounding in the present time and an understanding of my life actions and reactions in a variety of ways. This healing, along with the recent Lion's Gate, have also led me to improved sleep patterns, a heightened level of self-awareness and a desire to continue to improve and raise my vibration.

Thank you to the Bless My Life team for their divine understanding and assistance.


Beaucoup de joie durant ce travail. Merci 🙏


Increased pain around my physical heart. Guess the angels are warning me to take better care of my heart and heart chakra and I appreciate that.

Manifesting Potentials

Recently I had been guided to move from my home of 42 years and relocate. Through the beautiful frequencies and loving support offered through the Lion's Gate Infinite Source Activation - all has been flowing with such ease and grace into full manifestation. A new opportunity being realized for my Being.


This whole experience of the Lions Gate activation program was extremely blissful, I felt nurtured, comforted and cocooned in exquisite energies 🙏🏻 really didn’t wish it to end…. Thank you all so very much

Lions gate blessing

I didn’t really notice anything that first few days but by the end of the session I have to say for the first time in 3 years I slept through the night and feel more energized and more grounded than I have in a very long time, I can’t attribute it to anything but this session, thank you 🙏

Bless my Home

I am grateful for the bless my home service and the emails I receive!

Lion's Gate Activation

These days were an amazing awakening to what is beyond my normal state of mind. I am more enlightened and more aware having had this experience. So Blessed and grateful.. many thanks to Bless My Life team with love and light

Beautiful blessings

Powerful sessions. After those, I feel clearer, more determined , at peace and more free. Thank you for this very rich experience

Bless My Home

I have received, as well as my family, this amazing Grace of Blessing my Home for many years! All of us feel the peace, the love that these blessings bring to our home. We feel very protected and supported by this blessings!!!! Saajz and Zalia you are a blessing in our lives. Thank you for all you do. Shamakaya 💕💕💕

Beautiful vibes✨💖

I’m a true believer in remote healing, and I have always felt the powerful support, love and transformational vibrations coming my way - whenever I have joined a session with “Bless my life!” This Lion’s Gate 🦁healing was no exception, and as always gave me an amazing shift, so I could create better work, chose more enlightened pathways and heal on a deeply profound level. Thank you so much ✨💖✨

I had a very beautiful and powerful experience with the Lion’s Gate infinite source activation. On the 8th of August when I listened the first time to the recording I had a profound shift. It was very meaningful to me as it was the day of my birthday and as I did it early in the morning I felt an immense expansion and gift as initiation. So grateful

Energy waves

Full gratitude for these 8 days energy waves of love and creation. Felt deeply.

Lions’s Gate Program

Wonderful uplifting program filled with magnificent visitations…. THANKYOU 🙏 Very Grateful 🙏🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌺🌺❤️❤️❤️🙏😇😇

Receiving miracles

Thank so much Saajz from Bless my life, for such a thorough, beautiful and powerful program: it is bringing me lots of joy, learnings, healing and a few miracles! Much gratitud and many blessings!!

Deepen your receiving

I am so grateful to receive this activation. Due to sone illnesses it is very difficult for me to sleep through the night . I was able to sleep very deeply. I felt peaceful and well rested. Thank you for all I have received.