Opening To The Divine Essence Of Your Soul

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This session is designed to connect you more deeply with the divine essence of your Soul, and to emanate this into the world. A very easy to receive session available as an MP3 recording.

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About This Sacred Session

This session is designed to connect you more deeply with the divine essence of your Soul, and to emanate this into the world.

Your Higher Self with the enlightened spirit teams will create a profound shift in your relationship with humanity.

This shift in the way you interact with the world and with humanity opens you to a greater knowing of your divine path, your divine purpose and an awareness of how to progress in life in alignment with your Soul and Higher Self.

As you receive this session the unconscious tensions within your reality will begin to subside, and an opening to grace begins to be experienced by you, as the divine energy of the session integrates further through you over the next three months.

If you are lacking direction in life, or are unable to truly ground your inspirations and creations then this session will assist your ability to create in life.

This sacred session works with and through the last seven Earth incarnations you have experienced. Liberating your energy and consciousness of old stories and experiences that have locked you in to ways of constraining your energy and consciousness, so that it will not expand beyond what is ‘known’, what is ‘safe’, or what is ‘accepted’ by humanity.

It is a gentle yet powerful push in the direction of the unlimited nature of the New Human Being.

This sacred session is offered to you by the Enlightened Masters Metatron, Melchizedek and Lady Nada with the seven Archangels Of The Earth. These ones are Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Jophiel… with a special team of Angels and Enlightened Emissaries. They are joined by your Higher Self and Divine Presence.

How Will You Receive This Session

You will receive an email immediately after your purchase is complete.

This email will have more information about this session and a link to an MP3 audio download.

You will need to download the MP3 file to your computer or listen to it online.

You can then listen and receive this session at a time of your choosing.

This sacred session is offered in English with sacred sound, mantra and many streams of light and love languages. This work with sacred sound transcends your mind and allows you to receive direct awakenings, activations, healings, transformation, and transcension with grace and ease.

I work with a spirit team of Enlightened Emissaries – including Angels, Archangels, Enlightened Masters and many others. They will be working with you during the session and for 30 days after you receive it.

If you use Facebook I will invite you to a private Facebook Group for you to connect and share. It is optional to participate in this.

If you would like to connect with me personally you will be able to do so within the Facebook Group or via email.

30 Days Of Divine Energy Support

As you begin to listen and receive the session a 30 day program of divine support will commence. This divine assistance takes place as you sleep each night when an enlightened spirit team will visit you. They assist you directly and create a graceful integration and grounding of this session for you.

Customer Reviews

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Carolyn M.
Opening to the Divine Essence of Your Soul

I had been feeling the winter blues (it's winter in the UK) but when I got up the next morning, after listening to this recording the evening before, I felt exhilarated and ready to face the coming days. Being aware of our soul's journey and striving to succeed in what we came here to accomplish in this incarnation, is an essential part of our mission on Earth. This session certainly gave me the boost I needed to nurture the divine within and the courage to carry that forward into everyday life. Thank you.