Bless My Crystals

A special and unique program of weekly Enlightened Energy support for all of your Crystals as they receive a cleansing and upliftment of their Energy, and the empowerment of each Crystal’s connection with Mother Gaia.

Due every month

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Are you someone who loves and lives with Crystals?

Crystals may be supporting your Sacred work as a practitioner, teacher, or as a wonderful blessing and companion to your life with their beauty and amazing energies.

We believe that every Crystal has a unique Energy and Consciousness that goes far beyond “energy”, and that Crystals are alive and share a special connection with all life.

In our home we live in Harmony with hundreds of Crystals, as we co-create with them to hold, ground, and activate the sacred gifts of Bless My Life for Humanity and the Earth. They are deeply linked with all that we do, and have done for many years.

Like us, you may wish to give back to the Crystals in your life with our new program Bless My Crystals.


LEVEL 1 – Activated – A powerful weekly energy support program for your Crystals as they receive a cleansing and upliftment of their Energy, and the empowerment of each Crystal’s connection with Mother Gaia.

LEVEL 2 – A special program for the Enlightening of a Crystal’s Energy and Consciousness – More information will be shared when Level 2 activates fully.

LEVEL 3 – At the time of each New Moon your Crystalline Nature is gently activated for 3 days. You can choose to receive the Crystal Guardian activation and attunement to receive Enlightened Energies and Frequencies that upgrade your Energy Field. The etheric crystals within each of your Chakras will be Enlightened to bring a new level of Clarity and Energy each New Moon. More information will be shared when Level 3 activates fully.



1st Gift to your Crystals Every night between 2am and 3am each Crystal’s physical atomic and photonic structure receives Infusions of Liquid Light for 1 hour.

These Infusions support Crystals to remain in a High Vibrational / High Energy state – never being depleted of Energy. It also helps Crystals to remain Energetically Clear.


2nd Gift to your Crystals – Every 3 days the Energy Field of each Crystal is purified with Violet, Ultraviolet, and Golden Flames Of Light.

Purification with these 3 Enlightened Flames shifts any accumulated Energy that has attached to the Crystal, or that a Crystal has been unable to transmute by itself, as it exchanges energy with you or other people and the environment it lives within.


3rd Gift to your Crystals Every 7 days the Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation Of Light will contact the Crystal to Harmonise, Balance, and care for the Crystal’s Energy and Consciousness.

This specialised support is given to a crystal by a large team of Enlightened Emissaries who have a Mastery with Crystalline Energy and Consciousness and are in link with the Crystal Mothers Of The Earth and Mother Gaia.

Through this special connection the Emissaries make direct contact with all of your Crystals. Transmitting to them the unique Enlightened Frequencies they need to Harmonise, Balance, and Evolve. These special transmissions are given from the Ships Of Light that visit and serve your area of the Earth.


4th Gift to your Crystals – Restoring your Crystal’s connection with its original Crystal Vein and Ley Line within the Earth.

Crystals that you purchase or dig from the Earth are generally disconnected from their Source Crystalline Lay Line / Song Line / Energy Grid within the Earth. This takes place because of the way Crystals are taken out of the Earth by humanity.

This special support Restores this essential connection and then Empowers a Crystal’s connection to the Divine Plan of Mother Gaia.


When you subscribe to this program you receive a special Bless My Crystals Activation Prayer.

You speak this prayer as a Caretaker on behalf of all the Crystals in your life, to gift them this program of Enlightened Energy support and more from the Bless My Life Energy Team.

From that moment the Enlightened Energies of LEVEL 1 of Bless My Crystals will activate and be received by your Crystals.

LEVEL 2 and 3 will Activate before the end of 2025, and you will receive information on these free upgrades to Bless My Crystals as they happen.