Angelic Balance 7-Day Energy Program

Emotional & Mental Renewal for Your Harmony and Peace – offered BY DONATION.

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A 7-Day Emotional & Mental Renewal for Your Harmony and Peace

Easily let go of old emotions and thoughts so that you can experience more emotional harmony, and peace within your mind. The special enlightened energies and gifts of this 7-day program are received from your Higher Self, Master Spiritual Guides and 22 Angels and Archangels.

Release Your Old Energies: The Angels and Archangels will gently release old, stagnant, or negative energies and patterns from your emotional body (your emotions and feelings) and mental body (your mind and thoughts) while you sleep each night.

Enhance Your Mental Clarity: The potential to experience a clearer mind, aiding in decision-making, reducing overthinking, and promoting a peaceful mind. This is lovingly offered to you by Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.

Deepen Your Sense of Love: The potential of a profound sense of self-love, compassion, peace, and an even greater ability to both give and receive love. Your heart chakra is gently and gracefully opened for deeper harmony and to balance your emotions. This is lovingly offered to you by Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Uriel.

Experience Higher Energy Levels: Feel rejuvenated and re-energised as you receive special enlightened energy infusions 5 times a day for 7 days.

Be in Harmony and Resolution: Where possible unresolved matters and energies are harmonized in a gentle way by the Angels, Archangels and your Higher Self.

Prepare You for Spiritual Growth: This program cleanses and boosts your emotional and mental well-being, setting you up for deeper spiritual exploration. It also helps you connect with your Higher Self and improves your intuition and guidance.



By speaking a special request, your Soul and Higher Self connect with the Bless My Life Energy Team, a vast team of enlightened Angels and Archangels that oversee all our services and programs. 

You will have a team of 22 Angels assigned to you for the 7 days and nights of this program. Your Higher Self will collaborate with them to provide you with an incredible program of enlightened energy and support.

DAY 1 – 5

Your emotional body and heart chakra are bathed in the soothing and loving energy of the Archangelic Pink Flames Of Love & Grace.

Your mental body and mind are bathed in the illuminating energy of the Archangelic Blue Flames of Clarity & Truth.

You will receive this 15-minute gentle infusion of these Archangelic Flames at 5am, 12pm, 3pm, 7pm, 11pm.

DAY 6 & 7

Your Higher Self gifts you a unique energy that helps you to embrace and manifest a higher level of love and clarity in your emotions and thoughts.

This potent energy will permeate through every chakra and cell in your body, radiating into your emotional, mental, and energetic being. This will saturate and envelop you with the enlightened love and light of your Higher Self.

You will receive this 30 minute, potent infusion of Golden and Rainbow Liquid Love Light Frequency from your Higher Self and your Spiritual Master Guides at 5am, 12pm, 3pm, 7pm, 11pm.


While you sleep, Angels, Archangels, your Higher Self, and Master Spiritual Guides join together to create a powerful sphere of enlightened energy that fully surrounds you. Within this enlightened energy sphere they bring special energies and gifts of grace and love to support you to transform your emotions and mind:

Night 1 – Receive an Angelic Emotional Body Release as you sleep

Night 2 – Receive an Angelic Mental Body Release as you sleep

Night 3 – Receive an Angelic Emotional Body Clearing as you sleep

Night 4 – Receive an Angelic Mental Body Clearing as you sleep

Night 5 – Receive an Archangelic Emotional Body Harmonic Healing as you sleep

Night 6 – Receive an Archangelic Mental Body Harmonic Healing as you sleep

Night 7 – Receive an Archangelic Mental and Emotional Recalibration and Balance as you sleep