This amazing program with the Angels will be offered again in 2024

Activate My Spiritual New Year – 10 Day Program

A 10-day program over this Wesak Full Moon time with the Angels, Archangels, and your Higher Self. Be supported in the highest way to activate your new Spiritual Contracts for the next 12 months.

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On the Taurus Full Moon each year, a unique spiritual experience takes place. A thinning of the energy veils occurs across the Earth, and Lord Buddha descends in his vast Spirit Body into the Wesak Valley in Tibet, bringing immense Light and dispensations for the Earth and Humanity.

This Full Moon is a special time of completion as well as a time of new beginnings, and is called WESAK.

For many it is considered the Spiritual New Year.

Known as a time of deep spiritual renewal of the internal you, and taking you into higher alignment with your life purpose.

It is also a special time where our Spiritual Contracts are completed or revoked, and new ones powerfully activated by the WESAK Light from Buddha.

Spiritual Contracts are agreements between our Souls and Spirit, that are made on the inner planes of Light, or in other words, the agreements we make in Spirit.

They are created by your Soul, in conjunction with your Higher Self and Divine Presence.

These contracts may be connected to your Soul’s experience with the Earth and/or with others (people, animals etc.)

Activate My Spiritual New Year offers you 10 days of divine support over this Wesak Full Moon period

  • To support the graceful completion of your spiritual contracts and all the learning it has brought you over the past 12 months
  • A deep cleansing and renewal of your energy body
  • Special divine assistance from the Bless My Life Angels & Archangels to set you up in the highest way to fulfil your Spiritual Contacts with ease and grace over the next 12 months.


DAY 1 & 2
(May 4 & 5 in your timezone)

As you sleep on Thursday & Friday night you will be supported in your sleep by the Bless My Life Energy team, a vast team of Angels and Archangels. You will receive deeply within the Archangelic Healing Chamber Of Divinity and Sacred Release for 3 hours. This chamber is brought to you by the Bless My Life Energy Team where ever you are in the world.

Simultaneously your Soul will be receiving divine assistance within the Enlightened Temple Of Divine Presence. Within this temple your Soul will be bathed in Divine Elixirs and supported to open your receptivity, to let go and renew at the time of this WESAK Full Moon.

This is a spiritual process and takes place beyond your minds understanding.

This will be supporting you and your Soul to complete your Spiritual Contracts of the last 12 months.

(can be May 5 or 6 in your time zone)

Check the day and time of this Wesak Full Moon in your time zone 

There are many such ceremonies that will take place around the planet that you can connect with. We will share our suggestions for you to choose which ceremony would most resonate with you, to receive the WESAK dispensations deeply and in the highest way for you.

If you do not wish to attend one of the recommended live or recorded Wesak ceremonies, we provide a sacred prayer that connects you with the essence of Wesak and the Buddha’s dispensations.

The prayer is a way of consciously choosing to receive the Wesak Ceremony blessings.

However, attending an online ceremony is recommended, and your experience of receiving the energies consciously would be 10-1000 fold by doing this.

Some of these ceremonies are free and some are paid.

DAY 3 to 10
(May 6 – May 13 in your time zone)

As you sleep each night, you are lifted into the inner plane Enlightened Temple Of Holy Communion by your Higher Self and the Bless My Life Energy Team.

Here you will receive and bathe in the enlightened energies of this sacred temple, and commune with all of the Souls that are connected with your new Spiritual Contracts that you have received at the time of Wesak Full Moon.

These meetings will begin to bring you the higher awareness of your service path as a Soul, your spiritual contracts that will move through your consciousness into inspired action in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Special divine assistance is brought to you of Blessings of Divine Grace and Love, and powerful Divine empowerments to support you to fulfil each contact with greater ease and grace.

We encourage you to have pen and paper next to your bed throughout the 10 days of divine assistance. So you may note down any inspirations and understandings received that will bring life force and grace to your service path.

You may even receive stronger than normal connections with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and the Angels which will feel very nourishing to your whole being.

What Happens After You Purchase

Immediately after your purchase you will receive your registration notification email – please read this.

There is a sacred invocation you will speak to activate this amazing program fully.

As always Saajz and Zalia will be available for any questions you may have.

We look forward to you joining us for Activate My Spiritual New Year.

Customer Reviews

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Rosselet-Christ V.
My Spiritual New Year - 10 Day Program

This program has allowed me to open my channel of receptivity a little more, enormous awarenesses have been brought to light, all in love, gentleness and with ease and grace...
So rich all these teachings for our daily evolution ....

Thank you so much for all these magical moments ....
Immense gratitude
Soft and beautiful thoughts
Vanessa Rosselet

A Peace filled Bridge

I enjoyed the support of being on this program during Wesak, and the peaceful energies that held me every day. I highly recommend this, and will participate again next year.

New power inside

Thanks for this amazing support. I could feel an inner strenght building and have started in the last days long outstanding projects. I will well and full of love and enegy , ready for a divine new year. Full of gratitude.

Carmen R.
beginning of my spiritual year

These 10 day program of receiving healing to activate my new spiritual year have been a precious gift to me. The peace, the love and light I have left, has given me the confidence and the grace that I am always surrounded by angels and God is always with me, sending me the perfect experience, like these sessions, that allow me to keep walking on my mission path with more focus and faith. Thank you Saajz and Zalia for all the amazing work you do for humanity. Blessings and love.


So grateful to Saajz and the teams for this great offering. What a gift. It felt beautiful and divine to be supported by the Family of Light at this important time of Wesak. I believe the extra support received will help my soul and my path for the next year. So grateful. Blessings xoxo

Surrender in trust

Thank you again Bless my life team May is always a big energy month of shifts and potentials for me personally - astrologically. The support I can trust that I’m receiving from this program allows me the confidence and certainty that all arising to be met will be with the greatest ease and grace And so it is ! I feel refreshed and ready to embrace the spiritual year ahead Infinite love and gratitude

Linda C.

A big renewal and opening of all
Chakras feeling regenerated and recognized For my gifts 💜😂

Power inside

This program is amazing, I have felt during the whole 10 days an inner strenght and power to move forward that I had no felt in the past and that has not left me since. Full of energy for my new projects and for this year.

Rose J.
Needing Grounding Support

These past weeks have been super hectic because I started a new position with a new com and I am planning to relocate 3300 miles away. As a result, I have been feeling scattered and unable to focus. The Activate My Year program has been the perfect antidote I needed to remain grounded and focused on completing all the tasks and the Activate My Life program healing energy supported me completely.


Thankful to receiving the many blessings and gifts, this is one of my favorite ceremony to be during the year. The essence of Wesak in connection with the Buddha is sacred to me.