Accelerate Your Ascension For Your Higher Self Embodiment

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Enlightened Support and Grace for the grounding of your Higher Self’s Energy and Consciousness. A very easy to receive MP3 audio recording.

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About This Sacred Session

Beloved heart as you journey through life, your energy and consciousness has the potential to evolve and ascend.

Your ascension process is based upon many different things including your lifestyle, time given to building your inner connection, your belief system, spiritual training, and meeting your initiations in life.

Your Higher Self is gradually downloading into your Earth body (physical and etheric) as you move through ascension.

This sacred session supports you to receive, integrate, ground and embody your next level of Higher Self, in alignment with your Soul’s initiations.

An amazing gift of this session is that the Enlightened Masters will be sealing your present Higher Self energy and consciousness. This sealing creates a new energetic foundation for you, so you can more easily access your Higher awareness, and your superconsciousness… awesome!

We encourage you to receive this session as having your Higher Self energy and consciousness ground through you, and then be sealed by the Enlightened Masters will enable to you step forward in life in a new way.

1st Gift
Heart – Mind Balance & Harmony

The 1st gift of this session is to receive a Divine Activation of your Heart to align with the higher nature of your Divine Mind, to create a powerful Heart – Mind balance.

This activation supports you to ignite a new harmony through your creation pathways, as the manifestation of your life flows through your thoughts into your Earth reality.

As you receive this alignment, your reality will shift into a new octave of higher purpose.

This higher octave of living becomes the new foundation for your experience of the world and how you merge and interact with all in it.

2nd Gift
Energy Body Upgrades

The 2nd gift of this session is receiving 7 large Spheres of Enlightened Frequency from higher dimensions, that are brought around you during the session.

These Spheres will be delivering Divine Frequencies calibrated to your ascension journey, into specific areas of your Energy Body structure, Mind Merkabah, and Chakra System.

Also, your Higher Light Bodies may be accessed if this is needed by you to make a permanent shift to your next level of higher energy and consciousness.

3rd Gift
Grounding Your Higher Self

The 3rd gift is 7 Enlightened dispensations that are sourced through your Heart Gateways.

Your Higher Self delivers these dispensations through each Heart Gateway with assistance from an Enlightened Council of Masters and Emissaries, with the Galactic Federation teams of Light and Light Ships.

These special gifts are calibrated to your ascension path and the present embodiment of your higher energy and consciousness.

1. The Chalice Of Divine Love

2. The Chalice Of Divine Light

3. The Divine Feminine Bridge

4. The Divine Masculine Bridge

5. The Archangelic Flames Of Ascension

6. The Universal Heart Of Divinity

7. The Source Flame Of Presence

These 7 forms of Divine Assistance when received by you, will support you to ground your Higher Self’s energy and consciousness.

4th Gift
Sealing Of Your Higher Self Connection

The Enlightened Masters seal your present Higher Self energy and consciousness.

This sealing creates a new energetic foundation for you, so you can more easily access your Higher awareness, and your superconsciousness.

Saajz has received this sealing of energy and consciousness from the Enlightened Masters in the past, and this helped and supported him tremendously.

33 Day Support Program

As you receive this session you will commence a 33 day program of Divine Assistance from the Bless My Life Energy Team. These ones will continue to support your integration and embodiment of your Higher Self’s energy and consciousness after the session.

The Enlightened Ones presenting this session with Saajz include the Bless My Life Energy Team with Enlightened Emissaries from Venus, Sirius, Pleiades, Chiron, Andromeda, Arcturus and Alcyone.

Also, the Enlightened Master’s Metatron, Serapis Bay, Sanat Kumara, Melchizedek, Hilarion, and the Karmic Board, the Archangels Raphael and Michael, together with a special team of Enlightened Emissaries from the Galactic Federation Of Light.

You can listen and receive this session again at any time you need support to shift into a new level of energy and consciousness.

The support offered by this session for deeply grounding your Higher Self’s energy and consciousness is a powerful form of Divine Grace for your spiritual path and life.

How Will You Receive This Session

You will receive the recording by email immediately after your order is completed.

This email will have more information about this session and a link to an MP3 audio download.

You will need to download the MP3 file to your computer or listen to it online.

You can then listen and receive this session at a time of your choosing.

This sacred sessions is offered in English with sacred sound, mantra and many streams of light and love languages. This work with sacred sound transcends your mind and allows you to receive direct awakenings, activations, healings, transformation, and transcension with grace and ease.

If you would like to connect with him personally you will be able to do so via email.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Bernadette K.
Accelerate your Ascension

Amazing how I immediately felt the frequency as soon as I said yes. I feel so supported and uplifted and once more feel many layers have just simply fallen away as I return back gently, step by step to my essence. With deep gratitude to Saajz and all the beings of Love and Light that work with you.

acceleration ascension

J’avais besoin d’un soutien car je dois me séparer du chien qui vit avec nous. J’ai vraiment ressenti l’assistance et la compréhension pour vivre cela le plus sereinement et j’ai fait 2 fois la session en 1 semaine.

Deep connexion

Thanks for this amazing support , I could feel a deep and intense connexion with myself and a strong energy feeling since then. Thanks to all the teams supporting this .

Ines W.
Find a protected and supported path of live an earth in these times we have right now.

It is not fun living in Germany our Austria right now. There is a lot of pressure in the societies and the mainstream media forcing only one direction and solution. It feels for me, that humankind especially in Germany and Austria is asked to find better solutions than 100 and until 70 years ago.
Every Bless My Life Program helps me to stay centered in myself and be in contact with the spiritual world and feel protected, guided and supported and so did the Accelerate Your Acension Program. Thank you so much for this beautiful work that is helping a lot to bring Heaven on Earth and make our lives here beautiful, kind, loving, peaceful and blessed.

Shilo O.
Ascension assistance

Saajz’s and Zalias’s work leaves me with a palpable sense of something shifting, usually something I have been struggling with for a while. I really needed this to help me move past the disconnection I’ve been feeling lately, helped so much x o x o

Accelerate your Ascension for your Higher Self Embodiment

This was such a beautiful transmission. I felt everything that was happening, I knew I was releasing some programs and felt my higher self merging with me. I felt so much more peaceful and grounded after the transmission was done. Thank you Saajz & Zalia for all your wonderful work. Sending much love.

Rose J.

I have been experiencing burn out for work and it seems pervasive. At the time I did the Accelerate Your Ascension For Your Higher Self Embodiment Program, I was suffering from debilitating migraines. I listened to the accompanying MP3 at the lowest point and listened carefully as Saajz talked about healing any ailments in the physical body. I was so relieved because I needed that healing and I received it. I’ve also noticed an awareness about my negative self talk. I do not entertain her much. The negative self talk is losing it’s impact!


Accelerate Your Ascension For Your Higher Self Embodiment

Linda C.
A Reboot on a new Plain

Time for all old to slip away and new me step in changes still integrating for a bright and happy future with support and much love ❤️🌈🌈

Tyron L.

I chose this session due to feeling for some time a sense of unknowing and stagnation that I was having trouble with overcoming. Shortly after this session, the worry of not knowing what’s ahead became a calm sense of trusting and peace that I just need to be present. Pleased to say the new feeling has given me a lovely strength and confidence.