A Sacred Blessing For Your Heart’s Expansion

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This Divine Love Session offers your heart a deep expansion of divine love through all dimensions of your heart chakra. A very easy to receive session available as an MP3 recording.

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About This Sacred Session

This sacred blessing of your heart can create a powerful heart opening and expansion for you.

Raising your vibration and the flow of your hearts divine love, light and power through your reality in a profound way.

During this session we focus on each of the 12 dimensions of your Heart Chakra’s energetic structure.

As each dimension of your Heart Chakra is activated, old energies that are no longer serve you in the highest way are dissolved or lifted from you gracefully with love.

This will create a large expansion of love through your Heart Chakra’s pathways and gateways as all is balanced and harmonised.

You will receive delicate yet powerful infusions of divine love frequency and pure light, streaming from your Divine Presence and the enlightened team offering this session.

This session offers you a master activation of your heart flame. This is the flame within your Heart Chakra that carries your Source connection.

Your energy body and physical body will also receive divine dispensations and attunements to support the deeper opening of your heart.

💛 Enhanced Energy Infusions: The session allows for a deep infusion of pranic energy directly from Mother Gaia into the physical body. This energy infusion can enhance vitality, promote balance, and accelerate your body’s self-healing processes.

💛 Heart Chakra Expansion and Purification: Through working with all 12 dimensions of your Heart Chakra, the session aids in opening, recalibrating, and purifying your Heart Chakra. This process not only allows for you to receive vast infusions of divine love but also dissolves old energies that may be limiting or constraining you. The result is an expansion of your heart’s consciousness, fostering a greater capacity for love, compassion, and harmonious relationships.

💛 Holistic Harmonisation and Support: The session includes the activation of attunements to your original divine blueprint, ensuring that your DNA carries this pure expression. This, coupled with the harmonisation and balancing of all bodies (emotional, mental, spiritual, etheric, and auric) and a 30-day energy support program, provides an integrative, holistic approach to spiritual development. These elements help align you with your divine purpose, fostering a greater sense of inner peace and well-being.

The enlightened team offering this session includes The Divine Mother, the Enlightened Masters Hilarion, Lenduce, Lady Nada, Serapis Bay, El Moyra and Maitreya, the Angelic and Archangelic Light League with a team of emissaries from the Galactic Federation Of Light and the Ashtar Command.

How Will You Receive This Session

You will receive an email immediately after your purchase is complete.

This email will have more information about this session and a link to an MP3 audio download.

You will need to download the MP3 file to your computer or listen to it online.

You can then listen and receive this session at a time of your choosing.

This sacred session is offered in English with sacred sound, mantra and many streams of light and love languages. This work with sacred sound transcends your mind and allows you to receive direct awakenings, activations, healings, transformation, and transcension with grace and ease.

Saajz works with a spirit team of Enlightened Emissaries – including Angels, Archangels, Enlightened Masters and many others. They will be working with you during the session and for 30 days after you receive it.

30 Days Of Divine Energy Support

As you begin to listen and receive the session a 30 day program of divine support will commence. This divine assistance takes place as you sleep each night when an enlightened spirit team will visit you. They assist you directly and create a graceful integration and grounding of this session for you.

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