Receive a blessing from the seven Archangels of The Earth to transform fear

By November 25, 2015 Grace and Love

Below is a blessing of divine grace and love, from the seven Archangels of The Earth – Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Jophiel, Zadkiel, Raphael and Chamuel. They offer you divine assistance with the transformation of fear in your life. This blessing was originally received for our weekly Blessing of Divine Grace and Love subscribers.

It is easy for you to receive now, and takes approx 20 minutes to do. Simply find some quiet time and slowly, gently read through the words, engaging your imagination to connect more deeply with what is taking place for you.

Welcome to the Blessing of Divine Grace and Love.

As you read this we ask you to speak inside or out loud:

“I now give permission to the enlightened Family of Light to support my life with this Blessing of Divine Grace and Love. I give thanks for this. So be it”.

Around you now stand seven Archangels. These ones come to visit you in their bodies of light from the enlightened worlds of light.

They share their divine love with you now as they gently connect with your Heart Chakra. This raises your vibration and softens your own energy.

They now energetically open the seven directions for you. This creates a protected space for you to receive the blessing within.

Archangel Michael is the first to work with you. He brings a large pillar of divine blue fire light through your energy body. This instantly clears your energy body of any lower vibrations and energy.

It also clears away any energy that is not your own. You naturally accumulate this through contact with the television and printed media, the internet and during your travels and contact through the world.

Archangel Michael also cuts any energetic cords between you and any other person that are draining your energy in any way.

He then places around you seven violet golden stars of light. These stars begin to spin and weave through your energy body. They move through each of your primary chakras with divine intelligence.

Archangel Michael shares that these stars of light are dissolving fears within your energy body. He shares that as these stars move through you the source of each fear is contacted and blessed by the Archangels.

This softens the original cause of any fear you may have. As this blessing process takes place over and over the original cause of the fear is energetically met, and your Higher Self can then lift this from you with ease.

This process of the golden violet stars of light spinning through your energy body and chakras will continue each night as you sleep, for the next seven nights. Bringing you graceful release from larger and smaller fears you may be experiencing in your life at this time.

Each night as you sleep the Archangels will visit you for one hour and work with your energy body in this way. As you are going to sleep each night you may wish to see yourself surrounded in golden violet light to support this.

Mother Gaia gently infuses you now with divine love from her heart. Sending this up from the core of the Earth and into your physical body and energy body.

This deeply nourishes you and grounds you. She shares that her blessing will support the release of fear that the Archangels are working with you on over the next seven days. It will be a gentle shift she shares, and will be of great benefit to you.

If there is any specific fear you wish to release you may share this with the Archangels now. To do this ask for it to be lifted from you in this way…

“Beloved Archangels of the Earth, I call now for your divine assistance to fully release my fear of ………. with ease and grace. I ask that if I need to have conscious awareness of the cause of this fear, that this be shared with me with in a way I can understand. I give thanks for this. So be it”

Repeat the statement above for each fear you wish to release.

Your Higher Self now blesses you with divine love. The Archangels simultaneously activate the Universal Law Of Grace and the Universal Law Of Love through you now.

Your Divine Presence now merges with you consecrate, seal and protect all you have received.

We give thanks for all we have received.

Blessed be all beings. Blessed be the Earth.

Namaste to you,
Saajz Azura.