Blessing Of Divine Grace and Love – 5th July 2016

By July 5, 2016 Grace and Love

Welcome to the Blessing of Divine Grace and Love.

As you read this we ask you to speak inside or out loud:

“I give my permission to the enlightened Family of Light to support my life with this Blessing of Divine Grace and Love. I give thanks for this. So be it”.

As we come to be with you now in our bodies of light we surround you with our divine love. This divine love envelopes your body and mind, and brings a greater sense of inner peace to you.

We activate a large golden white sphere of divine light… sourced from the Archangelic realms. This protects you, creating a sacred space for you to receive this blessings divine energies within.

We are seven Angels of Love, your Higher Self and the Enlightened Master Metatron. Our intention as we connect in group heart with you, is to clarify your mental body and its connection with the creation of your reality.

Several large etheric crystal rods are anchored around you now. One in the North direction, one in the South direction, one in the West direction and one in the East direction.

Each of these etheric crystal rods is activated by us to create a large matrix of divine light. This supports your being to receive special forms of divine assistance now.

Within each crystal rod a special energy is sourced from the enlightened realms of creation. We weave these four different enlightened energy sources together, and focus this upon your energy body now.

Gently we sweep through your energy body with this enlightened matrix of light.

We are dissolving unconscious thoughts of fear, lack, despair and judgement of others. This takes place through the back of each of your primary chakras where your unconscious energy lay.

As this takes place a beautiful ray of divine pink love, sourced from the heart of Mother Gaia, rises up from the centre of the Earth and into your Heart Chakra. From your heart this ray of divine love moves outwards in every direction, meeting all that is being transmuted with love.

This creates the almost instant, graceful transformation of so much old heavy energy that may have been with you for a long time.

Sacred prayers are shared for your heart and mind, to be free of any influence that prevents you experiencing true clarity in your life.

We now activate a special enlightened energy that creates a divine alignment through your chakra system.

If you are holding onto any energy that is not your own, for another person in your present or past life, you are now being assisted to let this go back to them, with ease and grace.

We share you no longer need to hold this energy, and it is not your responsibility to do this anymore.

We ask you now… Do you give permission for your Higher Self to return any energy and consciousness that you have been holding for any other being… To give this back to its original source.

To give this back with love and acceptance that this energy and consciousness is no longer yours to hold. Do you give your permission for your Higher Self to do this, until it is 100% complete?

If you choose to give your permission…. This returning of energy and consciousness that is not your own, back to others in your present or past life will continue to take place as you sleep over the next seven nights.

You may be aware of this taking place in your dreaming. We share there is nothing you have to do for this to complete with ease and grace.

Gently now the divine matrix of light begins to complete its work. The powerful ray of divine love from the heart of Mother Gaia ignites more deeply through you now, as she blesses you with her love.

We place into your Heart Chakra an enlightened star of divinity to support your evolution at this time.
We place another star of divinity into your Brow Chakra and Crown Chakra. Both activating with the star in your heart simultaneously to create a new level of clarity in your mental body now.

These three stars of divinity will continue to activate through you for the next 3 days. They will be ignited and activated by your Higher Self in divine order for you, with the assistance of the Angels of Love.

Each time they are activated a brilliant diamond light moves through your mental body. This clears it of any lower thought forms and gracefully aligns it with your divine mind.

We now bless you as we consecrate, sanctify and seal all of the sacred work that has taken place for you.

We honour you now and share our love for you.
Blessed be all beings. Blessed be the Earth.

We say namaste to you.
[Received by Scott Saajz Hopkins]

To read more about the blessing and how it takes place you can read our FAQ by clicking on this link.