Blessing Of Divine Grace and Love – 14th June 2016

By June 14, 2016 Grace and Love

Welcome to the Blessing of Divine Grace and Love.

As you read this we ask you to speak inside or out loud:

“I give my permission to the enlightened Family of Light to support my life with this Blessing of Divine Grace and Love. I give thanks for this. So be it”.

As you read these words we surround you now with a golden sphere of light. Made from the divine energy of the Angels this golden sphere gently infuses you with golden light.

As this takes place we come into the space to be with you. We are seven Angels of Love, the Divine Mother and the divine council of seven Archangels Of The Earth.

Together we merge our hearts with your heart. We create a gentle ignition of divine love through your heart. This flows into your energy body and further into the cells of your physical body.

This infusion of divine love washes away old stagnant energy from your body. We also dissolve any energy cords and attachments from your energy body that no longer serve your highest good.

We now bring seven etheric prisms of rainbow light forward to surround you. These prisms are a special enlightened technology that dissolve fear. They begin to spin around you now as we activate them.

They move faster as they activate more deeply, dissolving any emotions and thoughts that create fear within your being at this time.

From above your head descends a beam of white light. This beam carries within its energy a special form of enlightened consciousness from your Higher Self. This consciousness is unique to your life path, and travels into each of your primary chakras down the centre line of your body.

Several of the chakras are ignited by this beam of white light. As this takes place they release old patterns of behaviour, of ways you react to things that take place in your life.

These old patterns are being supported to transform so you may have greater flow, a greater grace in your life.
You will find over the next seven days that smaller, subtle fears in your life will leave you and you will meet the fear and move through it with ease. Shifting into a new way of living. This may be profound for you.
The rainbow prisms of light continue to spin around you, clearing fear as it is released by your chakras, as they are activated by the white light of your Higher Self. The prisms also transmit rainbow laser light into the cells of your physical body where this is needed.

We ask you to pause and close your eyes for a minute or two and take longer deeper breaths. This allows the work that is taking place to complete gracefully. You will know when it is time to return to reading the words again.

As you continue now we infuse waves of divine love through you. This supports the integration of the shift that is taking place within you.

As you receive this divine love deep into your energy body and physical body, several white doves of light bless you with the universal energy of peace. This soft white and pink energy of peace moves through your chakra system and deep into your physical body.

We ask you take three longer breaths now to receive this fully.

We now place a rose of divine love and a rose of divine grace into your Heart Chakra, Brow Chakra and Hara Chakra. These bless you deeply now.

We now consecrate, bless, seal and protect all you have received.

We share that over the next three nights the seven Angels of Love will be visiting you as you sleep. They will be infusing you with rays of divine love to support the integration of this new energy of peace within you.

Blessed be all beings. Blessed be the Earth.

Namaste to you.

[Received by Scott Saajz Hopkins]

To read more about the blessing and how it takes place you can read our FAQ by clicking on this link.