A blessing to release stress and receive divine life energy… (Blessing 163)

By January 24, 2017 Grace and Love

Welcome to the Blessing of Divine Grace and Love.

As you read this we ask you to speak inside or out loud:

“I give my permission to the enlightened Family of Light to support my life with this Blessing of Divine Grace and Love. I give thanks for this. So be it”.

Around you now a divine field of light awakens, and begins to envelop your physical body. This golden field of light gathers itself into a sphere that extends all around your physical body, six feet in every direction.

This golden sphere of light activates the rays of the seven suns. These seven suns feed our sun with divine energy and consciousness in the heavens of our galaxy.

Gently you are infused with a unique divine energy, calibrated just for your energy body, for your physical body and for your light body.

We ask you to take three deep breaths now to relax your body and receive more of this divine energy being offered to you…




We stand around you now in our bodies of light. We are the seven Archangels of The Earth… Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Jophiel.

As you breathe you receive deeply the divine energy of the suns. This travels deep into the cells of your physical body, supporting your physical body to gently upgrade its frequency.

This is a very subtle process as we work with your physical body systems to remove any constraints to this taking place.

As you continue to receive the central nervous system of your body is infused with starlight from the Pleiades. This special light allows your central nervous system to gracefully release old patterns of reactive activity that create stress within your body.

There is much taking place as we do this with the highest of precision, and working with your Higher Self to create the most graceful shift for you.

We ask you to take three longer breaths now…




Saying inside or aloud “I now release all stress energy from my physical body and energy body, through all space time and dimension. I ask for the highest divine assistance with this now. I give thanks.”

As you do this a great unwinding of stress energy takes place through you. Many systems of your body are infused with divine grace and love and are assisted to gracefully “let go”.

Every cell in your body is individually met by the divine energy of the seven suns, and is transformed of all stress energy.

Vast waves of violet light are brought through your energy body now, deeply clearing and purifying your energy body, energy centres and physical body cells.

We ask you take three longer breaths now to receive…




As you receive we ask you to visualise, feel or know your physical body is filled with a bright golden light. This golden energy saturates every part of you. Deeply nurturing and feeding you with divine energy, divine life force and divine love.

You may wish to pause here and meditate for as long as you wish upon this golden light in every part of your physical body. You will know when this is complete for you.

You may wish to return to this vision at any time over the next seven days… to receive more divine energy and life force into your physical body.

As you do this simply say within or aloud “I now receive the golden life force of the suns into every cell of my physical body. May this bless my body and all around me. I give thanks for this.”

We bless you and share we will be visiting you for the next three nights as you sleep, to continue releasing and transforming any remaining stress energy from your bodies with ease and grace.

We now consecrate, bless and seal all that you have received.

Blessed be all beings. Blessed the Earth.

Namaste to you.


Received by Scott Saajz Hopkins

To read more about the blessing and how it takes place you can read our FAQ by clicking on this link.