A blessing of higher awareness

By August 16, 2016 Grace and Love

Welcome to the Blessing of Divine Grace and Love.

As you read this we ask you to speak inside or out loud:

“I give my permission to the enlightened Family of Light to support my life with this Blessing of Divine Grace and Love. I give thanks for this. So be it”.

Standing around you now in our bodies of light are seven Angels of Love, the Enlightened Master Serapis Bey, the Enlightened Master Hilarion, your Higher Self and two of your Guardian Angels. Together we begin to transmit our divine love to you now…

Softly at first we open our hearts to you. From above your head we bring a large, expansive pillar of divine energy down through and around your physical body. This pillar continues descending down through the Earth and into the heart of Mother Gaia, in the very centre of the Earth’s physical body.

As this activates it ignites through your physical body and energy body. Swiftly this divine energy purifies and cleanses your energy body. Dissolving any negative or unbalanced energy within your energy field instantly.

We ask you to take three longer deep breaths now…




As you complete these breaths, a wave of divine love rises up from the heart of Mother Gaia and into your body. Starting at your feet it slowly moves up through you to the very top of your head. Then out of your Crown Chakra located there, to flow out all around you into your energy body and greater auric field.

You may like to visualise your entire physical body, and six feet in every direction around you saturated with golden pink light. A very bright, radiant pink and golden light blessing you with divine love from Mother Gaia.

We ask you to take three longer breaths now as you receive waves of divine love.




As you complete your last breath we ignite a solar light ray through your Brow Chakra, located at the centre of your forehead. This ray of light clears your mind multi-dimensionally. It penetrates into your brains light pathways to recalibrate them to a greater alignment with your divine mind.

Your Higher Self and Guardian Angels step forth closer to you now as they place within your Crown Chakra an etheric star crystal of diamond light. This is uniquely calibrated to your divine blueprint and will gently carry a special blessing of divine grace into your mind and mental bodies now.

As this etheric star crystal activates small pulses of diamond light emanate into the glandular systems of your brain and physical body. Each pulse carrying with it divine messages from your Higher Self to your physical body to remember your divine blueprint.

Another wave of divine love from the heart of Mother Gaia arrives now into your physical body and energy body. This supports the integration and graceful receiving of the diamond light transmissions from your Higher Self.

Over the next seven nights as you sleep your Higher Self will be visiting you to activate this star crystal in your Crown Chakra. This will gently ignite a new level of divine awareness within you. A deeper connection to your divine mind, and how this can enhance your life experience at this time.

We will be with you as this takes place.

We ask you to take three more longer breaths to complete this process now.




We bless you as we consecrate, seal and protect all that you have received. Mother Gaia sends one last wave of divine love up through your physical body and into your energy body now.

Blessed be all beings. Blessed be the Earth.

Namaste to you.

[Received by Scott Saajz Hopkins]

To read more about the blessing and how it takes place you can read our FAQ by clicking on this link.