A blessing for your physical body… and more.

By July 19, 2016 Grace and Love

Welcome to the Blessing of Divine Grace and Love.

As you read this we ask you to speak inside or out loud:

“I give my permission to the enlightened Family of Light to support my life with this Blessing of Divine Grace and Love. I give thanks for this. So be it”.

Each of your primary chakra energy centre’s is gently being activated as we come into the space to be with you now.

Arriving in our bodies of light we stand around you in a circle. We are seven Angels of Love, the Archangel Sandalphon, the Archangel Raphael and the Archangel Chamuel. With us also stands your Higher Self and your Guardian Angels.

Together we open our hearts and transmit our divine blessing of grace and love to you now. From above your head descends a large opalescent rainbow column of light. This extends through you, down into the central core of Mother Gaia’s heart.

From her heart in the very centre of the Earth, a large pulsation of divine love rushes up this column of rainbow light and into your physical body.

Every cell in your body is nourished deeply as Mother Gaia blesses your physical form. Every cell, every atom of your body is deeply infused with divine love now.

Taking three deep breaths now as this is received by you.




Receiving pulsations of rainbow platinum light travel into your body’s organs now. Your divine blueprint is being activated through your physical body structure. This creates a safe, gentle healing alignment to your true divine form.

Waves of this platinum light move through you as your physical body receives deeply.

Again we ask you to take three or more deep breaths as you receive divine energy into your physical body now.




We now clear your energy body of all discordant energies. We also dissolve any energetic cords between you and any other being that take your personal energy.

This completes and we activate a diamond light halo around the top of your head. This halo just above your head grows in brightness as we continue to raise its vibration.

This diamond light gently infuses through your mind, your brain, your Brow Charka, your pineal and pituitary glands and hypothalamus.

Your Higher Self works deeply with this diamond light halo now. Directing its frequency and divine energy into your head region where this diamond light is needed by you.

Taking three or more long deep breaths as this continues to place for you.




As your Higher Self continues this divine process of clearing your mind and activating your higher brain centres, you begin to receive divine infusions of joy.

All around you small etheric butterflies arrive from the fairy and devic kingdom of the Earth. These ones flutter all around and through your energy body, weaving in and out in special patterns that deposit small packets of divine love, joy and grace into you.

There are thousands of these etheric butterflies now, in every colour of the rainbow. These ones bless you deeply now with their divine gift of joy, from the heart of the fairy kingdom of the Earth.

You may wish to say inside “I open to receive the joy of the fairy kingdom now. I give thanks for this.”

Taking three or more long breaths now




You may wish to pause here and continue to receive the joy of the fairies…

As you continue now the butterflies complete their blessing and return to their home in the Earth.

We bless you once more with our divine love and grace. Mother Gaia sends another pulse of her divine love up into your physical body.

We now consecrate, bless, seal and protect all you have received.

We share our love for you and give thanks for receiving from us.

Blessed be all beings. Blessed be the Earth.

Namaste to you.

[Received by Scott Saajz Hopkins]

To read more about the blessing and how it takes place you can read our FAQ by clicking on this link.