The Crystal Light Session

Healing, Activating and Accelerating Your Energy

The overlighting purpose of a Crystal Light Sessions is to build your Light quotient. This relates to amount of Light you hold and anchor within your Earth energy body.

During a session, Crystalline Light and Divine Frequency is delivered to you by a vast team of Angels and Archangels.

One of three unique chambers of light is brought around you, and you receive the Crystalline Light from the team deeply for 45 minutes. You are then placed on a seven day Divine Assistance program with the Angels to support the integration of the session.

Each session has the potential to powerfully illuminate your chakras, energy body and light bodies. Balancing the energy within each chakra and your etheric body, and then activating a deeper strengthening of each chakra and an expansion of it to hold more light… to eventually become a beacon of light – what is known as a Crystalline Chakra.

As the enlightened team visit you during a session your Higher Self guides them as to what type of Light chamber is needed by you at that time. The Healing Light Chamber, Activating Light Chamber or Acceleration Light Chamber.

Receive Divine Energy From One of These Three Light Chambers

Healing Light Chamber

If you receive the Healing Light this will:

  • Illuminate, open, clear and balance your chakras, etheric bodies and adjoining energetic pathways.
  • If there is any auric field repair from trauma and/or drug and alcohol exposure that is needed, this will be started and then continues in any future session.
  • This will create your health and wellbeing to stabilise
  • If you have significant physical, emotional, mental challenges then you may require 3 to 9 sessions to experience a shift.

Activating Light Chamber

If you receive the Activating Light this will:

  • Strengthen and expand your capacity to hold and ground a consistent current of Light as you move through life.
  • This Light will be activating your consciousness to shift out of old paradigms and awaken your inner guiding light.
  • Brain re-patterning will take place to support the integration of any higher light bodies. Your lower mind is supported to let go of it’s linear way of thinking and expand more into your multi-dimensional divine mind.

Acceleration Light Chamber

If you receive the Acceleration Light this will:

  • Develop and build your capacity to receive greater amounts of light that feed into the pathways and bodies that form your auric or energy field; and stabilises your pillar of light.
  • This will assist with the integration of higher light frequency and light bodies
  • Support you to gracefully align to your divine purpose.
  • Advanced brain re-patterning can take place as you move through higher initiations on your spiritual path
  • Supports all forms of walk-in integration (Soul exchange, Higher Self walk-ins…)

Feedback From Our Clients

“Saajz! I definitely am feeling better!! My left lower leg which has shingles/EBV and constant pain got worse at 1st and by 2nd started to have no pain. My lymph swelling is down also and my neck a little better as well. Many thanks to be free of pain in my left leg!! Much gratefulness!”

“I selected a time I would be asleep because I did not want my brain chatter to get in the way of the healing to my body. So, I do not have any conscience recollection of the actual session. However, the next morning I felt light as a feather and was just fully of joy. I was so happy that day and nothing really could get me down. So, yes, the Crystal Light healing was wonderful.”

“I’ve received 2 crystal light sessions now and asked for a healing for my physical body in my head. My whole brain feels so much lighter a expanded after each session like the pressure has been lifted. My whole body is tingling. These are amazing sessions Saajz.”

“It is the first time I have received a remote session like this and I definitely felt the energy when it was taking place. I felt a buzzing sensation and was feeling very clear afterwards. I will be having another one soon. Thank you.”

So EASY To Receive !

  • You don’t have to be in contact with us to receive a session.

  • You simply book a day / time (after your order) and the enlightened teams of light come to you at the time of the session and deliver the Crystalline Light to you directly. It is so easy to receive.

  • Your Higher Self guides the team as to what type of Light chamber is needed by you at that time. The Healing Light Chamber, Activating Light Chamber or Acceleration Light Chamber.

  • As soon as your session time starts a unique chamber of Light is brought around you.

  • You receive the Crystalline Light from the team deeply for 45 minutes.