The Power and Importance of the Wesak Ceremony – Qala Sri’ama

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In this short 15 minute audio Qala Sri’ama shares why you would not want to miss the Wesak Full Moon Ceremony and how important this time is – and why it is your fresh new start for next year energetically.

We first learnt about the Wesak Full Moon Ceremony and this special time of year from Qala, and have received Wesak with her many times.

Qala offered The Divine University Wesak Ceremony for over 20 years, and has recently handed this on to AmaYa Kumara to present each year.

We hope you enjoy this informative sharing from Qala.

Have an amazing Wesak beautiful heart.

You can find out more and register for The Divine University Wesak Full Moon Ceremony at this link

AND you can register for our 10 Day Activate My Spiritual New Year program at this link – supporting you to receive Wesak in the highest way.

Simply press on the image below to play the audio.

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A blessing of diamond light clarity (Blessing 164)

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A blessing of more grace in your life

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A special divine chamber of divine grace and love activates around your auric field now…

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