This is an actual email that was sent to all subscribers following the Blessing of Divine Grace and Love on 16th July 2013.

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On Tuesday between 9pm and 10pm (Sydney, Australia time) we transmitted the Blessing of Divine Grace and Love to you. Below is our experience of this that we would like to share with you.

As we welcome you to this experience of receiving the blessing of divine grace and love a team of Angelic beings comes to you now, and as you read these words they begin to attune your energy to a deeper state of receptivity.

This team of Angles will be with you for the next seven days to support the integration of your past and current initiations, and the anchoring of your energy and consciousness into the earth. This will assist you to be more present in all areas of your life.

As you move through life you continue to meet an experience until you have transcended, transformed, loved and lived its lesson and opened to a new level of understanding within your self. This is also called a cycle of initiation.

The most common experience of completing an initiation is a deeper sense of peace, and a greater feeling of love within.

These seventeen Angles who are with you now are Angles of Peace. They are beginning to lift from you smaller parts of your consciousness, also known as fragments that are no longer needed by you. These fragments are the final part of something you have been letting go of in your life over the past 12-18 months or even longer.

They are doing this with the permission of your Soul, Higher Self and Divine Presence. A council of your 12 Enlightened Master Guides gathers around you now and start to activate a very specific gift that they hold for you. This gift is a dispensation of the Golden Rays of Initiation.

Many different hues of golden light begin to emanate within and around you. Vast currents of golden frequencies of light are precisely activated through your energy body.

Each of your chakra crystals is worked with by this council using this golden light frequency. Every pathway, diamond plate, atom and photon of your energy body is infused with this golden light now.

This builds and builds until you are saturated with the golden light frequency of initiation and a sealing of your energy and consciousness takes place. This seal protects and consecrates the development of your energy and consciousness in this now moment, and assists to prevent you revisiting old patterns in your life again.

As this infusion of the Golden Rays of Initiation continues your soul travels into the inner plane Temple of Grace and Love in the heart of the Divine Mothers Ashram. Here you connect with the many hundreds of other souls also here to receive the blessing.

You take a few minutes to find your place in the temple space, sitting down where you feel most comfortable. The chair you are sitting in begins to activate a special energy through you. This aligns your energy and consciousness further with the pure vibration of Peace. As many beautiful white and rainbow doves fly through the temple to symbolise this.

As the Universal Law of Peace activates deeply through you now, all parts of you that are not feeling peaceful are supported to receive this.

A great wave of Divine Love emanates from the centre of the temple to you now. As this takes place your family and closest friends are focussed upon for a time by the seventeen Angles who are with you. Sending them this Divine Love from the heart of the Divine Mother.

As this blessing of Divine Love is received your heart opens more to the divine potential of your life now. If you have been unsure about a choice, a direction or a plan this will become clearer for you now.

Divine Grace begins to flow to you from the centre of the temple as the Divine Mother stands before you. Transmitting directly into your heart now the peace, grace and love of her heart. Sharing her wisdom and knowing without words and supporting your next step in life, your next initiations.

The Divine Mother shares that she is a reflection of your divinity. That an ever present connection with her is open to you always. She loves you eternally and will always support you. Sharing a beautiful rose from her heart into your heart.

As the Divine Mother completes her personal transmission to you she begins to transmit great waves of grace and love from this temple into the Earth and to all of humanity.

Sacred prayers are said for all to receive this, and your Divine Presence seals, consecrates and protects all that has been received.

We give thanks for all that has been received.

Blessed be all beings, blessed be the Earth.

Namaste to you.

You can join as a free subscriber and receive the blessing every week.