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The Blessing Of Divine Grace And Love deeply nourishes your whole being with divine love. Gracefully shifting you closer to your Divine Self.

The energy of the blessing is transmitted from our temple room to you, wherever you are. It is simple and easy to receive, and it is free every week.

How Do I Receive The Blessing Energy Each Week

When you become a subscriber your name is placed into the large crystal altar in our sacred temple space.

Your Higher Self together with a team of Angels, Archangels and other Enlightened Masters visit you in their bodies of pure light during each blessing. They work directly with your energy bodies and larger auric field that surround you.

The Blessing Of Divine Grace And Love is created in the highest way, ensuring that all you receive is in divine order for you.

You receive the enlightened energies of the Blessing Of Divine Grace And Love even if you forget it is taking place, you are busy or you are asleep.

Be deeply nourished with Divine Love. Gracefully shifting you closer to your divine self. Free every week, wherever you are.

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Who Sends Me The Blessing Energy

Saajz Azura Raphael


At the time of the blessing Saajz Azura merges with his Higher Self & Divine Presence and enters a deeply meditative state. He then connects with a large team of Angels, Archangels, Enlightened Masters, The Divine Mother and Mother Gaia.  Saajz then connects with your Higher Self and Spiritual Guides, and those of every other subscriber.

They then activate the blessings energies to be transmitted to you. This energy is then received by your Soul, Spirit and energy body during the three days after the blessing.

During this sacred experience Saajz writes down his perception of what takes place, this is then shared with you by email afterwards.

Every blessing is uniquely special, and created at that moment in time.

What Can I Expect To Happen

These blessings deeply affect your personal energy field and reality in a positive way.

Each blessing is unique and includes a clearing of negative or unbalanced energy from your energy bodies.

Our enlightened spirit team will then transmit to you the energies of Universal Grace and Universal Love. This can take many forms, including the activation of enlightened love and light technologies and visitations from enlightened spiritual masters.

An Archangel or Enlightened Master will occasionally give a greater blessing. Over the past years the following beings have shared their blessing: The Divine Mother, Mother Gaia, Archangel Michael, Lord Buddha, Archangel Gabriel, Master Maitreya, Master Metatron, Archangel Sandalphon and more. These are all simply names for different enlightened aspects of God / Goddess / Universal Source.

A large team of Angels & Enlightened Ones transmit the Divine Energy directly to you, wherever you are in the world.

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How Can I Receive The Maximum Benefit From The Blessing

By being conscious of the Blessing Of Divine Grace And Love taking place you will receive a more powerful connection with the divine energies being offered to you.

To receive the greatest benefit from these wonderful energies, you can set your intention to be relaxed and meditative at the time the blessing takes place Tuesdays 9pm-10pm.

This does not mean you need to be deeply meditating, simply to be quiet and receptive in whatever way works for you.

The divine energy is then received by you at the given time, or during the next 3 days when you are in your most receptive state, you may even be asleep.

Our Communication With You

After each blessing ceremony is complete we send you an email sharing our experience of what has taken place, normally within 24 hours. You can view one of these emails here. Our subscribers have shared with us that the blessing is often synchronistic with what they are moving through in their life at that time.

You can read some reviews from our subscribers about our Blessing of Divine Grace and Love at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions they may already be answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

May you receive all that you need with ease and grace.

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