Bless My Space - Personal

A new way to enhance the creation and delivery of your best work.

Enhance the clarity of your thinking, creative process and decision making in your energy balanced room.

Do your best work in your special room that is energetically aligned with your divine purpose.

Increase your intuition and flow as you receive more support & contact from your Higher Self, enlightened spirit guides and the Angels.

Balancing and aligning the energy of your special room... ready for you to be, do, create and give your best.

  • Bless My Space initially clears any old energy, thoughts and emotions from your room, then continues to balance the energy within your room every week.

  • You will no longer be working in an energy soup of old thought forms and emotions. You're then able to make decisions with greater clarity, that are more aligned with your divine purpose.

  • Your special room becomes more peaceful, harmonious, loving and joyful.

  • Your room receives divine energy every Thursday from the large team of Angels we work with.

  • Bless My Space helps to create the optimal energy & ``vibe`` for you to work within.

How Does Bless My Space Help You?

Do you have a room where you do your daily work?

You might serve clients there, who visit for a consultation, healing, advice and more…

Or maybe you are amazingly creative there…

Bless My Space makes your normal room become a special room!

In your special room the clarity of your thinking, creative process and connection with your Higher Self… are all enhanced.

Every week Bless My Space energetically balances and infuses your room with divine energy. This assists your space to be energetically clear of old thoughts and emotions. The kind that hold you back and can keep you stuck or confused about ‘what next’.

Your Higher Self together with the Bless My Life Angels will activate specific divine energies for you in your room. These special enlightened technologies are configured just for you… to support you and your work in the highest way.

Over the first 6 months of Bless My Space the “vibe” of your special room upgrades as the levels of divine energy within it increases. This also aligns the energy within your space to the highest divine purpose of your work that is taking place there, whatever it is.

Bless My Space gets your special room ready for you to be, do, create and give your best !

Your special room filled with divine energy by the Angels, every week… Wow!

How Bless My Space Works For Us

Bless My Space was the original seed of the Bless My Life business and we have been working with it for over 5 years now.

We work from our home and have two office spaces. Each office receive a Bless My Space blessing with the Angels every week.

Our experience of the energies being brought in to the two rooms is that it makes it much easier for us to move through challenges and find our way forward.

We don’t linger on problems when doing our work, and we find that each day has the clarity we need… our productivity is increased because of this.

Saajz & Zalia – Founders of Bless My Life

Scott and Lee from Bless My Life

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Questions and Answers

Have questions? Please see our Q&A below you can also arrange a Skype call with us

How does it work

Bless My Space requires none of your time or energy to work. You do not have to do anything, or change anything in your work space… it is easy.

When you subscribe we individually connect your space to the Bless My Space energies and the team of Angels. The outer walls and structure of your work space are energetically sealed by the Angels.

Your space then receives a blessing from the Angels every Thursday.

During each blessing the Angels firstly clear unbalanced and negative energy that may be in the space.

This is generally created through negative thoughts and emotions that leave behind imprints in the energy field of your space. Negative energy can also originate from outside. This can affect people in different ways, both subtly and powerfully depending on many factors.

Once the space is energetically clear divine energy is infused through it.

This divine energy upgrades your space, bringing special energies into your space to support its divine purpose, aligned with your Higher Self.

It also creates an energetic buffer between the inside of your space and the outside world. This buffer diffuses any external unbalanced energy that may be entering your space.

The weekly energy blessings help to keep your work area energetically clear. Each blessing also builds the level of divine energy in the space. During the first 6 months of a Bless My Space subscription your work space’s energy upgrades to better support you and all that you do.

When is it?

The Bless My Space service takes place on Thursdays, just in time for your weekend.

It is scheduled by the Angels to take place when there is the least amount of activity in the work space.

How soon does my work space start to receive the blessing after I subscribe?

Your first home blessing will be on the Thursday after you subscribed. We will send you an email each Thursday to confirm your work space is receiving its blessing.

What is divine energy

Divine energy is a term we use to describe enlightened energies that originate from the Unified Field of Oneness, that exists everywhere in everything. This type of positive Universal energy does not have within it any fear or duality consciousness, and is not created by a person. It is safe to receive for everyone including children.

What process do you use

A large team of enlightened Angels, Archangels, Enlightened Masters and Mother Gaia, who we collectively term the Angels, create the Bless My Home service with Scott and Lee.

These Angels visit humanity from the higher dimensions of the Earth. They exist in pure oneness without fear. They are not spirits or ghosts. They originate from the enlightened realms of oneness and non-duality consciousness.

Scott and Lee connect with this Angelic team each week during a special ceremony. This takes place in a dedicated temple room in their home. It is at this time, together with the Angels they clear and uplift the energy of all your home.

They follow precise protocols, using sacred intention, mantras, and inner connection. This creates the highest potential outcome for all.

It is a special time for Scott and Lee each week to work in such close connection with the Angelic team in this way.

In what ways are you an expert at doing this work on my space?

Over many years we have studied and mastered the remote transmission of divine energy to many people.

An example of this is the offering of enlightened energies through our free service “The Blessing Of Divine Grace And Love”. This divine energy infusion deeply nourishes all of your being with love, and gracefully shifts you closer to your divine self.

This has been delivered almost every week for the last 3 years to hundreds of people all around the world. If you would like more information on this or to subscribe please click here.

Also our Bless My Home service has been successfully assisting many people since early 2015 with great success.

What is negative or unbalanced energy

This blessing firstly cleanses your space of negative or unbalanced energy that naturally accumulates within it. This is created through negative thoughts and emotions leaving behind imprints in the energy field of your space. This negative energy can also originate from outside of your space. This can affect people in different ways, both subtly and powerfully depending on many factors.

What if I don't believe in Angels?

The effectiveness of the Bless My Space service is not dependant or conditional upon you believing in Angels and/or divine energy (also known as divine frequency or enlightened energy).

We honour all spiritual beliefs and religious denominations. As such our service does not impact on the divinity of any spiritual or religious beliefs and practices.

If you or others in your workspace don’t believe in Angels and divine energy this would not affect or impact on the blessing being received. They will still benefit from it.

Do I need to own the space I am working in to receive this service?


You can receive this service for any space in which you work in regardless of the circumstances of being there e.g. Renting, owning, sub-lease…

Do I need to have a permanent work space to receive this service?

Yes. You can subscribe to have any space cleared and blessed by our service… however the location given should be where you work the most. If you work in more than one location can can have additional Bless My Space subscriptions.

If you are in a shared desk situation at work then Bless My Space will focus on the desk, and the energies will be aligned to support all people who share this location, not the individual.

If you share the room with others they will all benefit from Bless My Space.

Please note – we cannot support hot-desks where you have no permanent location in a large open plan office.

What if I work in an office block/unit/apartment that is joined to many other businesses and share common walls?

The Bless My Space service accommodates work spaces that are joined by shared common walls.

Office blocks, units, apartments, flats, terrace houses, duplex homes all fit into this category.

The Bless My Space service creates an energy seal within the shared common walls relating to your work space.

It does not extend beyond your space into other areas, common hallways or other common spaces such as lunch rooms, entryways etc.

Each subscription is for one work space only.

Will I be able to feel it?

Generally you will not know exactly when the Bless My Space service is taking place during the trial.

The blessing is scheduled with the Angels to occur when your space is at its most quiet. This will usually be when no one is using the space.

This is intentional so that the highest potential blessing can take place for you and the space.

If you are very sensitive to energy and have a clear connection with the Angels, your Higher Self or spirit guides you may have an awareness of it taking place.

If you are not so sensitive energy then you may not feel it taking place immediately. We feel you will notice and feel the effects over time.

How will I know it is working?

Knowing the Bless My Space service is working in your home depends on how sensitive you are to your space’s energy.

You may feel a sense of peace straight away, or feel a positive change in your workspaces energy.

If you are a person who is not sensitive to energy, other things may begin to emerge within a 1-2 month period. You may find yourself feeling a little calmer about things in your life, perhaps a little more relaxed in your space.

You may find yourself interested in reducing clutter in your space, or interested in ways to make your space more nurturing and supportive of you and/or those around you.

How will this affect people who visit my space?

People who visit your workspace respond to the energy of your it just as you do.

Depending on the level of sensitivity your visitors have to energy around them, they may simply feel more relaxed in your space due to the positive energy within it; they may even feel a sense of vitality and inspiration during their visit. Any effects on visitors will only be positive and gentle.