Advance your project in the highest way…

Bless My Project supports you to bring a project through into creation and/or to completion.

Both your energy body and your projects energy body receive a blessing with the Angels every Wednesday and Saturday.

Available for both individuals or for a team of people working together.

For Your Energy

Unbalanced energy can lower the vibration of your project, and in turn slow down the momentum and positive flow of your project. Each week your energy body will be assisted to gently release fears about your project. Also where possible karma related to the manifestation of your project will be lifted from you.

As fear and karma transforms this supports you to be more empowered in your contributions and actions towards your project. This has the potential to create more ease and flow for your project.

For Your Projects Energy

Your project also has its own energy body that is created when you focus and give your energy to an intention and purpose. This contains within it the energy and consciousness related to your project. This includes emotional energy and thought forms about your project, as well as the higher plan of your project.

This energy body of your project is worked with by the Angels to elevate its vibration and divine light. This has the potential to build positive momentum and strength within your project. Your entire project is also cleared of negative or unbalanced energy each week during the blessing.

All of this supports your project to advance in the highest way towards success, and gracefully aligns it to the higher plan that your project is sourced from.

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Bless My INDIVIDUAL Project

USD 22 per month
  • Can include up to 2 project support people
  • Designed to support your personal projects
  • This blessing is activated on Wednesday and Saturday every week

Bless My TEAM Project

USD 28 per month
  • Can include up to 15 team members
  • Designed to support larger projects with multiple people working together
  • This blessing is activated on Wednesday and Saturday every week