Bless My Meeting

Improving the quality of your meetings…

How Does Bless My Meeting Work?

These blessings support all attendees to gently release any old emotions so the best mutual outcome can be achieved.

This is especially helpful in meetings that have the potential to become emotionally charged, or where persons are feeling distressed, such as a mediation or dispute.

With the Angels holding a balance of love, power and wisdom this empowers each person to be present in the meeting. This also creates a greater sense of ease and for all to have a voice in the meeting and be respected.

If your meeting is connected to one or more businesses, blessings occur also for the energy body of these businesses. The meeting outcomes are supported to flow into the business and upgrade its direction.

All attendees continue to receive divine energy support for up to 7 days after the meeting. Assisting them to integrate the meeting’s energies and outcomes.

The Bless My Meeting service abides by all universal and karmic laws.

Support Your Next Meeting With Divine Energy From The Angels

The Divine Assistance Offered For Your Next Meeting...

  • A blessing of the physical meeting space, to clear and balance negative energy and infuse it with divine energy.

  • A blessing of your meeting's purpose and intention, to support the best possible outcome in a graceful way.

  • Blessing of all persons in the meeting and those assisting them.

  • The Angels will hold a balance of love, power and wisdom, empowering each person to be present in the meeting.

How Bless My Meeting Works For Us

We have used Bless My Meeting in our own lives since mid-2015. We started using it for only our most important meetings and sometimes we forgot :) Now it has become part of our lives and we use this service for all meetings and connections. This has included doctors appointments, business development meetings, joint venture discussions, family crisis meetings, bank meetings, parent teacher interviews and for important project planning meetings.

Each time we found we experienced a profound sense of support and ease during the meeting, and there was a general flow we had not experienced before. It is now a part of our business process that if we have a meeting we always use Bless My Meeting with it. We have used it for in-person, Skype and telephone meetings.

Scott & Lee – Founders of Bless My Life

Scott and Lee from Bless My Life

Enhance the positive outcome of your next meeting !

  • After completing your purchase we send you a short survey about your meeting.

  • All of your responses are 100% private. After the meeting we completely delete the records of the meeting.

  • If we need any more information we will contact you within 24 hours.

  • We activate the blessing energy with the Angels for all connected with your meeting. All is divinely timed by the Angels for the highest outcome for your meeting.

  • You do not have to do anything, or change anything in your work space!