Selling your home can be a challenging and stressful experience…

Bless My Home For Sale supports all connected with your home to be energetically free and ready to move on.

This helps create the best scenario for the new owner(s) to be drawn to your energetically clear home, and for the sale process to be as graceful as possible for everyone.

Each person connected with your home is supported by the Angels to gracefully release anything that may be preventing them from letting go of your home.

Any energy connections to your home that may be present are cleared. These can be your own and/or from other owners, and also from people who presently live in the home, or have lived there in the past.

All interested buyers who visit will be supported by the Angels to connect with your homes divine essence. This will take place as they walk through a special divine energy blessing that is placed at the front door of your home.

This service is for 3 months. We also include a weekly energy clearing and blessing of your home. This will maintain and enhance the energies of the Bless My Home For Sale service.

It is important to share that all of this sacred work does not guarantee a sale. It is still your choice on price, and to choose to sell. However, the Angels do clear and bless the pathway energetically for your home to be open and ready to be sold. We feel this is wonderful!

Bless My Home For Sale

Just $149 USD for 3 months