Did you know your business has its own energy body?

Your business’ energy body is an etheric structure containing the energy and consciousness of your business. It is created when one or more people focus and give energy to a business’ intention and purpose.

Your business’ founders and investors, other people who work in and with your business, including your customers and suppliers, all contribute energy of different forms to the business energy body.

These contributors all affect your business’s presence and performance in the world.

Bless My Business works upon your business’s energy body every Sunday to:

Energetically clear unbalanced energies within it – that have been directed into it, or projected onto it by its contributors.

And, infuse it with enlightened energies to assist with three important areas of your business:

  1. Its pathways of manifestation, creation and divine service – this assists you to build your business more effortlessly
  2. The sacred intention of your business – amplifying, magnifying and expanding it
  3. The graceful alignment to the divine plan / divine path for your business.

Every business has the potential to assist humanity and the Earth. If this is part of the intention of the business, Bless My Business deeply supports and propels a business to align to the spiritual value of divine service. Supporting you to connect your business’ puzzle piece in assisting humanity and all life on the Earth.

All of this contributes to improving the “flow” of your business. This can create increased productivity, and actions within your business to be smoother.

We also find when there is any in-decision, conflict or dis-harmony a faster way to peace and clarity can take place.

This improved flow within your business also has the potential to increase revenue and success for your business.

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