We Share Universal Energies of Higher Consciousness With You...

Bless My Life shares with you a pure connection and transmission of enlightened energy, which originates from the Angels and Archangels.

This positive energy of the Angels can deeply support you and increase your quality of life.

Saajz and Zalia

Scott and Lee

Saajz and Zalia together have over 20 years of experience working with enlightened energy and consciousness.

They have achieved a high level of mastery and powerfully transmit positive Universal energy to people and places anywhere on Earth.

We can’t wait to share with you all of the amazing services of the Angels. They are just as excited as we are.


I was first introduced to the path of Divine Presence by Sri’ama Qala and this has been my primary spiritual focus since then.  I have received training in Reiki, Crystal Vibrational Therapy and channelling of higher consciousness from different teachers.

I honour and give thanks to all of my teachers on the Earth: Matthew Carloss, Susie Nelson-Smith, Annette Williams, Maha Guru Sri Jaya Nara, Sri Jaya Shakti, Sri’ama Qala, Illumina Christos, Shola Christos, Ky’lama Telos, Silverfeather and In’easa Mabu Ishtar.

I define the Divine Presence as our greater enlightened self that is in oneness. We all have our Divine Presence. It encompasses all of our wisdom, gifts, energy and consciousness through all of creation and beyond.

I have always experienced a deep love and connection with the crystal kingdom, and a lot of what I am presently creating is supported by them.

I would also like to honour and give thanks to the many enlightened spirit beings who teach and support me in each moment.

I look forward to connecting with you.

All my love and blessings, Saajz.


My training and skills have been developed through working with some very gifted beings since 2001.

This includes: studying intensively the workings of the Akasha under the guidance of Qala Sri’ama Phoenix and graduating from the Divine Mother Sacred Mystery School; being an accredited Reiki Master, training with Noriko Kawamura and Tim Budden; being an Enlightened Master Channel, developing this ability over many years with the guidance from gifted teachers including Ineasa Mabu Ishtar; and being a student of Ryoko Freeman through the Urasenke Chado Takai Association where I developed my understanding of inner peace through the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

You can receive high frequency healing sessions where ever you reside in the world through Achieve Balance www.achievebalance.com.au.

I am also the owner and creator of LEEF Infusions where you can be assisted at the deepest levels through the range of energetically infused artisan blends and fine teas.

Love to you, Zalia